Our Responsibility

Our mission to offer modern consumers milk-based food products that create inspiration, confidence and well-being provides an excellent platform for our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda - to engender confidence and security within a wider society over the long term.

We regard ourselves as an active player in the communities in which we operate. This means that we need to convey our fundamental values not only to our employees and farmer owners but also to our customers and consumers. It is imperative that our point of view is understood and people know what they can expect from us. Chopra Products acknowledges that it has a responsibility for society, the environment and the people who interface with our products and production.

"Chopra Milk Products addresses ethical and quality matters in a sustainable and responsible manner, in order to safeguard the company's reputation and profitability.""

Our objective is to develop our business on a foundation of long-term perspectives with respect for, and in harmony with, our surroundings. Chopra Milk Product's employees have a common way of working that is rooted in our values. Above all, "Chopra Milk Products" Code of Conduct is a tool for all our employees which sets out how to act when faced with various dilemmas.

We see this document continually developing as we acquire more knowledge.

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